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Cybersecurity might sound like something regulated for governments or massive corporations. What many mid-sized businesses don’t realize is that cybersecurity should be a serious concern for every business, no matter the size! CamTech offers comprehensive cybersecurity for businesses, no matter their situation. We believe in protecting your information from the inside out so that no risk goes unnoticed. From small scams to hackers attempting a virtual break-in, CamTech monitors your networks and ensures that risks are mitigated and your company has a solid virtual defense system. This is best done through a complex process that CamTech will customize for your business. Our approaches are focused on the services below.

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Cybersecurity Services

  • A DNS Filtering service that’s focused on preventing you and your employee from going to potentially hazardous websites that could put your systems in danger. 
  • Antivirus Protection for your desktops that ensures you’re hardware doesn’t get a nasty virus that could hinder your business as usual. 
  • Firewall Protection to protect your data and keep destructive elements away from your secure network. 
  • Email filtering to ensure your email stays secure and focused on filtering our potentially dangerous incoming emails. 
  • Dark web scanning constantly monitors your company’s domain and email address to prevent data breaches or ransomware. 
  • Server backups that protect the lifetime of data and essential information that your business has collected and needs. From on-site to offsite, we’ll make sure your data is secure and protected.
  • Incorporating Artificial Intelligence into your email security. It learns your language trends, who receives invoices and payment orders, as well providing a necessary measure to prevent Email Account Takeover.
  • Conducting Penetration Testing and Vulnerability scans of our client’s networks, as well as providing recommendations to remedy it going forward.
  • Leading Phishing simulations amongst the workforce to educate and train about proper email discretion.

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Our cybersecurity processes protect your business and its vital information. Our team is passionate about securing your network and offering the best protection and service. This allows you to focus on what you do best so that your business thrives on all fronts. Don’t worry about your cybersecurity. Instead, give us a call and let us create a plan that maximizes the security of your network.

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